Section Name: Ana-ha-ta

Colors: Nude, Pink & Mint

Designer: Fantabulous Echoes

Frontline: $350                             Details

  • Jewel & Feathered Headpiece

  • Feathered Collar with Jewels

  • Cape with Sticks

  • Jeweled Leg Bands

  • Wrist Cuffs

  • High waisted Two toned/mesh underware

  • Jeweled Bra

Section Name: Sa-has-rah-rah

Colors: Pink, Purple, Silver

Designer:  Fantabulous Echoes

" Sahasrara" Pronounced " Sa- has-rah-rah":

                    Purple & Pink Costume

    FRONTLINE: $350

  • Jewel Covered Monokini with mesh covering between bottom straps

  • Feathered Mohawk Headpiece

  • 2 Feathered Leg Pieces

  • Isis Wings


Registered Laparkan & Travel Span Agent


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